Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finally Competition in F1!!!!

Could Be A Really Fun Ride!

Finally we are seeing some competitive performance within the ranks of F1.  The next few weeks will tell more about the ability of the manufacturers to address the technical challenges of the both the F1 schedule and minimal testing exposure.  Not sure I understand or agree with the points model in F1.  I don't quite understand how Vettel and Red Bull are on top right now, but we'll have to see how this all plays out over the course of the season.   Hoping for a very exciting season, and REALLY REALLY looking forward to the 2012 American Formula 1 Grand Prix at the new at Austin's Circuit of the Americas.

2012 Formula 1 standings
Drivers' Championship S. P. Maldonado4 L. J. Vergne4 M. M. Schumacher2 J. D. Ricciardo2 F. N. Hulkenberg2 N. F. Massa2 K. T. Glock0 R. C. Pic0 S. V. Petrov0 P. di H. Kovalainen0 B. P. de la Rosa0 K. N. Karthikeyan0

Constructors' Championship
1.Red Bull1017.Williams18
2.McLaren928.Force India17
3.Lotus579.Toro Rosso6

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